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Touchfree car washes enjoy high popularity and develop at a rapid pace due to their profitability. Touchless systems include hand car washing based on efficient detergents dissolved in water, which serve as the major cleaning agent, and self-service pressure washing. For this purpose, the user needs to reach for the high pressure lance and select, depending on the rinsing mode, the programme of his choice by pressing an appropriate button.

The customer may select one of the four cleaning programmes:

  • Basic wash with detergents and softened warm water
  • Rinse with municipal water
  • Hot wax treatment
  • Finishing rinse with demineralised water

You’re also invited to choose additional washing programmes, functions and equipment that will increase the profitability of your business.

  • Active foam pre-wash
  • Active foam pre-rinse
  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Change machines
  • Change machines accepting credit cards or direct credit card systems
  • Windscreen washer distributors
  • Solar water heating system
  • Compressors and many other facilities

The systems provided by our company gained ground thanks to their low price, round-the-clock availability, a wide array of programmes, cleaning durations and quality levels to choose from.

The proposed investment aims at increasing capital in the short run by satisfying the real needs of target customers, who are open to similar car washing solutions. Investing in touchless car washes should pay for itself within the maximum period of 5-6 years provided that the investor chooses a convenient business location and cares for the cleaning quality.

This type of business is not susceptible to the economic crisis. In difficult economic times, an increase in the general turnover observed in the touchless carwash industry is caused by the fact that customers give up costly services (manual or automatic car washing) and opt for less expensive self-service solutions.

Being aware of the current economic situation and bearing the sales results of our competitors in mind, we may come to the conclusion that the average occupancy rate of car washing points in densely populated cities amounts to around 30% of the daily time. For the sake of comparison, our company’s occupancy rate is expected to reach up to about 15% of the daily time.

No  Exemplary calculation with a 15% occupancy rate in a densely populated city
1 Daily time (number of minutes) 1440
15% of used time (expressed in minutes) 216 
Overall number of washing stations
Overall used time (216 minutes x 5 stations) 1080 
Cost of 1 minute of washing (PLN 1 = 45 s) 1,33 
Gross income per day 1436,40 zł
Number of days per month 30
Monthly gross income 43 092 zł 
Incurred costs (chemicals, utilities, lease, repair service, employees, etc.) 19 391,40 zł 
10 Net income 23 700,60 zł 

*After several years, the average car wash occupancy rate may increase up to around 30% of the overall daily time.
*The presented cost figures are approximate. The consumption information refers to the year 2015 based on the data registered on service computers and provided by our Clients.
*The indicated data is for information purposes only and should not serve as a basis for business calculations.
*All provided values are averaged gross amounts.
*F1 Industries should not be held liable for the demonstrated data that has been used for information purposes only.





- we’ll evaluate your business location for free; our qualified commercial real estate specialists will assess the potential of your future business location as well as the related construction risk.

- we offer design works and apply for building permits; our experienced architects, constructors and experts will collect all documentation necessary to apply for the building permit.

- we provide construction works and utility connection services or relevant work supervision; to this end, we hire competent construction site inspectors and site managers, who supervise each stage of the construction process with attention to every detail. We offer heated car wash floors, utility connection services, paving works and other related facilities.

- we construct roofs (including steel roofs) and other accessory car wash elements; we create fully covered car wash stations or open stations designed for delivery trucks. You may choose from a wide range of car wash accessories.

- we may install and open your newly created car wash; we offer highly professional subassemblies of well-known brands, including, among others, Siemens, Smith or CAT. All this ensures the best washing parameters.

- we’ll prepare the relevant documentation for obtaining building permits.

- we’ll train your future customer service and maintenance employees.

- we’ll take care of your own promotional campaigns on the opening day without additional costs; you’ll receive 5000 leaflets for your own distribution, 5 advertising banners, 75 l of washing products for the opening day, 300 tokens worth PLN 5 each for free car wash services.

- we promote sport activities by marketing our brand and your own car wash; Next to City Bank and Lexus Polska, F1 Car Wash supports tennis tournaments in the entire country. We’re the strategic sponsor of Gdańsk Coast Speedway Club and Stal Rzeszów as well as the gold sponsor of GKS Katowice. Now let us promote your own city!