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How do we do it?

myjnie bezdotykoweEach stage of your investment implementation is supervised by our panel of experts. We start with a meeting during which our commercial specialist transmits the know-how about your future car wash business. You’ll be provided with technical knowledge and, more importantly, with all necessary information that will facilitate your investment optimisation.


Trade and investment support

Finding a suitable car wash location is crucial and may affect your business profitability.

Location assessment relies on several essential factors:

Each plot of land should be designed for clearly defined commercial purposes. Check out the availability of specific utilities – you need to have full access to power, water and sewerage systems in order to run your own car wash facility. Provision of natural gas would also be an asset, although not an absolute necessity.

The piece of land for your future business should be conveniently located in a high-traffic area and close to housing estates. Take a look at what other business and services (petrol stations, restaurants or commercial facilities) are in the vicinity. Determine the average speed of the vehicles passing by, the proximity of your car wash to other facilities as well as the level of its visibility. The maximum speed of cars should not exceed 50 km/h to meet your demands.


Design and engineering support

Our highly experienced architects will propose their design solutions with attention to every detail.

  • Each car wash station works independently
  • Each station has its individual detergent dosing system
  • Thanks to the developed car wash management systems, you may monitor your revenues via SMS alerts and notifications
  • We offer energy-efficient LED lighting systems equipped with twilight sensors and an improved illumination system.

In both the design and construction processes, we work in close collaboration with reputable specialists from all over Poland, which lets us implement our investments on a larger scale. Our panel of experts consists of experienced designers as well as architecture and urban planning graduates of Poznań University of Technology.

What is more, the scope of responsibilities of our design department includes, among others, effective project author’s supervision of each implemented investment.


Implementation support

Our strict cooperation with specialist car wash construction companies improves our general performance, as a result of which we offer rapid and professional construction services.

Each design is tailored to the needs of our potential client. The range of our services includes, among others, construction site management, earthworks as well as utility connection and installation services.

Our experts render the highest quality services. Meeting project deliverable dates and supervising the implementation quality is our main focus. Thanks to our long-term experience, we contribute to cost optimisation.

The quality of our floors and roofing solutions improves the functionality of each facility and therefore, we implement the best possible production practices.